About Lodge Trail Media

Keith R. Crowley in field.

Writer and photographer Keith R. Crowley travels the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountain West, photographing and writing.

For more than three decades he has produced editorial and commercial images, and written for publishers, advertisers, and designers.

Crowley has also authored two books and contributed to several anthologies.

Based out of northwest Wisconsin, Crowley most often writes about wildlife and nature, but he also occasionally covers breaking news and sports that interest him.

For questions, or to hire Keith, phone 612-751-9953 or email kcrowley@lodgetrail.com 

All images found on this site are copyright protected and may only be used by permission of Keith R. Crowley/Lodge Trail Media.

Note: All wildlife images you find here and at Lodgetrail.com are images of wild, non-baited, non-captive animals.


© 1991-2015 Keith R. Crowley

One thought on “About Lodge Trail Media

  1. Fab photos Keith! For the record, I don’t believe in baiting animals of any kind–it puts them more at risk. I have a bird bath in my backyard, only to provide the birds water, because humans have so altered the landscape, but I don’t do it to attract birds or somehow profit from their presence.

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