London Calling

If there is one thing I’ve discovered in my many recent trips to  Yellowstone National Park, it’s that the British love the place too. While I haven’t kept precise records, I’d guess that at least 20 percent of the park visitors I talk to are from the U.K., or Australia. (FWIW, there are a surprising number of Danes there too.)  The point is, many U.K. residents love nature, wildlife, and the American West.

Knowing that, I uploaded some newsworthy photos from my most recent Yellowstone excursion to a British wire service, and within hours, I was being interviewed about the photos. The next day the London Times, the Telegraph, and the Daily Mail ran the photos and story about the bull elk attacking anything that moves in Mammoth Hot Springs, inside Yellowstone.

The quotes attributed to me aren’t exactly what I would call “quotes”, but the gist of the story still came through: Mammoth is a dangerous place to be during the elk rut.

Below are links to the Times and Daily Mail versions of the story. The Telegraph ran it in print, not on the web.

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