Just the River

Last week it was the St. Croix River, this week the grand old Mississippi. With the incredibly early spring we’ve had here in the north country, the Mississippi backwaters and widespreads have been covered up with vernal migrators for a couple weeks now.

I maintain there is no place or time more full of life than a flyway marsh at dawn.

After several mornings of rising long before dawn, I’m too tired to write much, and there’s really no need to explain this further anyway.

And, as always, clicking on any of the photos will take you to a larger gallery:

Ring-neck drake.
Shovelers in flight.
Immature Bald Eagle with bass.
Hooded Mergansers.
Shoveler drake landing.
Air Traffic--Ringnecks in flight.
Casanova--Common Mergansers.
Mallard Take-off.
Misty Morning.
Morning Meeting--Pintail and Mallard
Breakfast--Pintail and Mallards.
Pintail Drake.

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