This ain’t my first rodeo.

Once upon a time I had another blog–two actually. At first it was called The Entropics. That morphed into Drivel, Inc. But those were both devoted to my oh-so-brilliant written observations, mostly regarding things that annoy me. But they were very short-lived. It turns out there were so many things that annoyed me that they caused a mental log jam. (Think, Laurel and Hardy trying to get through a narrow doorway.) So, I gave it up as a bad job.

Those blogs are still out there somewhere, but I haven’t looked at them in over a year. If you just must read them, you can find them here:

Since I am also a photographer by trade, I knew all along that I needed a photography blog to go along with my photo website: So that’s what this is; a photo blog. And I thought it totally appropriate to start with a photo that has sold well and is completely unlike most of my photos. First of all, it’s not sports or wildlife related. Second, it’s done with strobes and softboxes, and lots of things I don’t like working with. And finally, they aren’t my guns, which is just frustrating. But, I like the photo.

In the interest of honest discourse, this blog is a great place to comment on any and all of the photos you see here or at! There will be many more photos to come–some with stories, some not. This is a good one to start with, I think.

Scary bad things!




Please note: Since this is a photography website where I will be posting my own images only, you should be aware that all images here are protected by copyright and may not be used elsewhere–unless of course, you’ve purchased that right.


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